Advanced MySQL 8

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Design cost-efficient database solutions and reduce overhead business costs with MySQL

The Author

MySQL Database Performance Expert

Eric Vanier

Author & MySQL Database Performance Expert

Eric Vanier is one of the few DBAs worldwide specializing in MySQL performance, and is an expert with large architectures such as those for Air Miles, Cogeco, McGill University, Bombardier Aerospace, and many more.

As a senior DBA and instructor for 18 years, he has a track record in performance and troubleshooting on dozens of high-profile MySQL systems, including complex cluster environments.

The Fragment of The Book

Discover the full potential of your MySQL

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What will your learn in this book!

  • Explore new and exciting features of MySQL 8.0
  • Analyze and optimize large MySQL queries
  • Understand MySQL Server 8.0 settings
  • Master the deployment of Group Replication and use it in an InnoDB cluster
  • Monitor large distributed databases
  • Discover different types of backups and recovery methods for your databases
  • Explore tips to help your critical data reach its full potential


Advanced MySQL 8 teaches you to enhance your existing database infrastructure and build various tools to improve your enterprise applications and overall website performance.

The book starts with the new and exciting MySQL 8.0 features and how to utilize them for maximum efficiency.


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